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Thrift Store

1397 Bay Street Fall River, MA 02724

Phone Number
508-674-5766  Extension 7

Monday - Saturday 8AM - 6PM
Sundays / Holidays 8AM - 5PM

Products for Sale

Breads:  White, Variety, Premium, Natural, Raisin, French Toast, Rye, Pita

Rolls:  Hot Dog Rolls, Hamburger Rolls, Salad/Finger Rolls, Dinner / Snow Flake Rolls, Sub Rolls, Deli Rills, Torpedo Rolls, Thin Sandwich Rolls, Crumpets

English Muffins:  Plain and varieties

Bagels: Plain and varieties

Wraps:  Plain and varieties

Specialty Breads and Rolls:  Portuguese Sweet, Holiday Sweet Breads, Bolos

CakesPound Cake, Crumb Cake, Cup Cakes, Ring Cakes, Diet Cakes

Pastries:  Danish, Donuts, Cinnamon Buns, Turn Overs, Fruit Squares, Éclairs, Brownies, Fruit Pies

Snacks and Chips:  Special Varieties of Cookies and Crackers, Sugar Free Cookies, Snack Cakes, Honey Buns, Cereal Bars, Chips and Dip

Dairy Products:  Milk / Cream, Eggs, Butter / Margarine

Duck Bread