When Auguste LeComte founded Gold Medal Bakery in 1912 he had a vision: “If we are to gain the trust of our customers and offer them home baked bread, we should start with quality ingredients and deliver these products on time and with courtesy.”


By 1915 Auguste was able to construct a new plant at the corner of Lindsey and Monte Streets in Fall River, Massachusetts. He employed nine people, which included four bakers and four people to make deliveries with horse and buggy.


Following Auguste’s death is 1936, his two sons, Roland and Leo LeComte, took over the company’s leadership. Under their direction, the company continued its natural growth.


In 1969, a new ultra-modern plant was built on Bay Street in Fall River, MA.


In 1972, John R. LeComte became the President of the company, beginning the third generation of LeComte family ownership.


In the 13-year period from 1969 to 1982, Gold Medal Bakery positioned itself to become a regional provider of quality baked products.

Gold Medal Bakery bread being made and placed on a conveyor belt by bakers

In 1990, Gold Medal Bakery purchased the 141,000 square foot building across the street. The two buildings were connected by a 500 foot bridge that also acted as a cooling tunnel and housed the transport conveyor lines for breads, rolls and English muffins.


In early 2000 the company extended its packaging, shipping, and distribution area to house new packaging equipment. This further enhanced the staging and distribution center for a total of 330,000 square-feet on one floor.


Early in 2009, Gold Medal Bakery acquired an abutting 6.5 acres of land with an accompanying 40,000 square foot warehousing facility with additional office space. This allowed the company to move forward on a future greenfield project to accommodate future capacity needs.

Gold Medal Bakery truck ready to transport bread

Gold Medal Bakery celebrated its centennial year and 100 years of quality people and baked goods. In celebration, the fleet of trucks underwent a new design.


Gold Medal Bakery expanded channels, growing frozen programs which enables a national reach.


Gold Medal Bakery purchased a system of Independent Operator Routes in the New Jersey and Metro New York area creating Gold Medal Bakery Route Distribution, LLC.