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The Value of a Better Loaf

Those who choose quality choose Baker’s Choice. When you select Baker’s Choice bread for you and your family or to stock on your store’s shelves, you get amazing products. All of our goods, from sliced bread and rolls to English muffins and tortillas, are:

  • Dairy-free: If you have dietary restrictions or health reasons for avoiding dairy, you can still enjoy Baker’s Choice products.
  • Nut-free: If you or someone in your household has a nut allergy, rest assured that our products are nut-free.
  • Kosher pareve: We make our products with kosher ingredients, which means they are suitable for a wide array of households.

We want as many people as possible to enjoy our Baker’s Choice bread. That’s why we are dedicated to producing products that meet those conditions as well as various quality standards. From fresh, never frozen, quality to dedication to always improving our production process and products, we make sure the final result is something delicious. Shop or partner with our brand confidently, knowing you’re getting and offering the best.

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piece of sliced white bread from Gold Medal Bakery

Our Story

Baker’s Choice bread is backed by four generations of experience. We’ve expertly combined the modern with the traditional to create the best products for our customers and our partners. As fourth-generation bakers, we take traditional ingredients and craft them into amazing breads and rolls using advanced baking science. The result is the formula for better baked goods, which we’re happy to provide consumers looking for top quality and value.

At Baker’s Choice, it’s also our goal to follow the highest global standards. We do just that for commercial bakery safety, quality and ingredient handling. Rest assured knowing the product you’re buying for your family or stocking on your shelves is among the best you can get, from flavor to production quality.

Baker's Choice Products

package of Baker's Choice white bread
16oz Sliced Bread made with 100% Whole Wheat
100% Whole Wheat Bread
package of Baker's Choice whole wheat bread
Soft 16oz Sliced Bread
White Bread
package of Baker's Choice original English muffins
Fork split 6 pack English muffins
Original English Muffins
package of Baker's Choice hotdog rolls
8 pack Coney style Hotdog Rolls
Hotdog rolls
package of Baker's Choice hamburger buns
Soft 8 pack hamburger rolls
Hamburger rolls

Baker's Choice sliced bread on a cutting board


There’s something so homey and comforting about quality bread. From the smell to the texture and the taste, everything about it makes a delicious addition to your meal. Have a delicious break during lunchtime on a busy day or enhance your parties, get-togethers and backyard barbecues. High-quality bread and other products become the foundation of great meals, great times and great memories.

That’s why at Baker’s Choice, we’ve committed ourselves to creating great quality products with real value for your family or your customers. Learn more about our products below, whether you want to stock them on your store’s shelves or in your home.

learn more about Baker's Choice and our amazing bread products


If you’re interested in buying Baker’s Choice for your household or to stock at your business, you’ll be happy to know we offer a wide variety of products. We ensure that all our goods meet our quality standards, from value to flavor. No matter what Baker’s Choice bread products you choose, you’ll get:

  • An extended shelf life: If you’re tired of bread going to waste, you need a quality product that also offers an extended shelf life. Baker’s Choice bread stays fresher longer. From the first slice or roll to the last, you’ll enjoy a quality addition to your meals and snacks.
  • A great taste: We believe that whether your bread and rolls are the stars of the meal or the supporting foundations, they should taste good. It’s that simple. And we at Baker’s Choice strive to create delicious products, from original and whole wheat to our other flavorful varieties.
  • An inviting aroma: Nothing will get your mouth watering for a snack or meal like the delicious aroma of fresh Baker’s Choice bread. Toast our products or eat them plain — either way, the heavenly smell of bread will fill your kitchen with the scents of comfort and an amazing meal or snack to come.
  • A great texture: Use Baker’s Choice bread as the foundation for your meals or to enjoy on its own. No matter how you prefer to eat our products, we know you’ll find they have a superior texture. Try our products toasted for a satisfying, crusty crunch, or enjoy them plain for a soft, light texture.

We offer an array of Baker’s Choice products to suit your household’s needs or your customers’ desires. Fill every meal of the day with our products and get delicious tastes and textures, or stock your shelves with everything to provide something for everyone. Learn more about our variety of bread products below:

Baker's Choice sliced bread is bread that lasts


When you want to choose bread that lasts, you want Baker’s Choice bread. Discover the value of a better loaf with our sliced bread. We combine the convenience of sliced bread with our fresh, never frozen, quality. Enjoy the aroma of baked bread right at home for any meal of the day in two different yet equally tasty varieties:

  • White bread: Find that familiar, classic taste you know from your childhood with our sliced white bread. This versatile product is ideal for any time of day, snack or meal. As a partner, you’ll definitely want to stock white bread on your shelves to meet a variety of customers’ needs.
  • Whole wheat bread: Our 100% whole wheat bread provides a hearty option for your sandwiches, toast and more. Get the grains you need to fuel you for your day, from start to finish. Stock 100% whole wheat bread on your shelves to give your customers a nutritious and delicious bread selection.

Craft sandwiches galore with fresh and convenient Baker’s Choice sliced bread. If you want a quick and easy lunch or dinner at home or need to pack a meal to bring with you, our bread makes a delicious foundation for your favorite fillings. In need of a quick and easy, yet filling and satisfying breakfast? Pop a couple of slices in the toaster and layer on your choice of butter, jellies, jams or spreads. Start your day with the pleasing, crusty texture of our sliced bread, or add a pleasantly soft and airy side to your other meals.

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Whether you’re planning a cookout or craving a filling meal, enjoy your burgers, hot dogs and more with Baker’s Choice rolls. Get-togethers and family meals are incomplete without the best bread products to tie everything together. Our rolls are versatile options that you’ll want to keep in stock at home or on your shelves. Pick up Baker’s Choice rolls for any occasion with these varieties:

  • Hamburger buns: While a hamburger or veggie patty sandwiched between our fresh rolls is delicious, that’s not the only way you can use Baker’s Choice hamburger buns. Use them as rolls for your favorite sandwich filling for something a little different or let them soak up the flavorful sauces of chopped brisket, pulled pork or sloppy joes. No matter how you enjoy them, our hamburger buns are a delectable addition to your meals.
  • Hot dog buns: What’s a hot dog without a hot dog bun? And what’s a hot dog bun if it isn’t a Baker’s Choice hot dog bun? Toast yours or leave it plain — either way, our rolls are the ideal vessel for hot dogs, sausages, brats and your toppings of choice. Baker’s Choice hot dog buns combine the perfect texture and flavor to impress everyone at your next cookout.

BAKER’S CHOICE English Muffins

Start your morning with Baker’s Choice English muffins, available in a classic original flavor. Whether you toast them or eat them plain, our English muffins make the perfect meal on their own or with your favorite add-ons. Use them as the foundation for hearty breakfast sandwiches, topped with an egg cooked your way and a selection of breakfast meats. Later in the day, create mini English muffin pizzas for a snack or light meal that everyone will enjoy.

In the mood for something lighter? Our Baker’s Choice English muffins are an ideal bed for nut butters, jams and other spreads. Get your fill of your favorite toppings as everything falls into the cracks and crevices that give our English muffins their light and distinctive texture. A product so versatile is sure to go over well in your home or your store.

Baker’s Choice Tortillas

Coming soon! We are adding Tortillas to our line of Baker’s Choice products. These will be available in whole wheat and white flour varieties, ideal for use in cooking or creating delicious wraps and roll-ups. Our tortillas will be vegan and kosher pareve, perfect for meals the whole family can enjoy. Create breakfast wraps, lunch roll-ups and meals like quesadillas, tacos and fajitas for dinner. Keep an eye on store shelves or check back here to see when you can get Baker’s Choice tortillas for your household or your stores. ups. Our tortillas will be vegan and kosher pareve, perfect for meals the whole family can enjoy. Create breakfast wraps, lunch roll-ups and meals like quesadillas, tacos and fajitas for dinner. Keep an eye on store shelves or check back here to see when you can get Baker’s Choice tortillas for your household or your stores.

Partner With Baker’s Choice

partner with Baker's Choice and offer our products in your stores

If you’d like to offer Baker’s Choice products in your store, we’d be delighted to work with you. We know customers will love everything about our sliced bread, rolls and English muffins. Our dedication to quality products will give you peace of mind as you partner with us and offer our baked goods on your shelves. More than that, partnering with Baker’s Choice means you work with a brand that offers your store exceptional support, including:

Rapid End to End Logistics

We understand that you likely partner with hundreds of brands for your store. That can make sorting orders, shipments and deliveries a bit overwhelming, but we want to help eliminate that stress. That’s why we offer rapid end to end logistics. From crafting our products to order fulfillment, we get Baker’s Choice bread to you fast. All you have to do is stock your shelves to keep your customers coming back for more.

At Baker’s Choice, we take care of the entire baking process from beginning to end. Let us handle sourcing the ingredients, discovering the best way to make our products and baking everything for your stores. Trust us to take care of the entire process using the best traditional ingredients with convenient modern methods. Once you partner with us, we bake, pick, pack and ship our goods to you, and you’ll experience our rapid end-to-end logistics for yourself.

The long-lasting products from Baker’s Choice make it easy to fill your inventory and keep your shelves fully and attractively stocked with quality products. You know your customers, and we make it easy for your business to get the products that will satisfy them every time.

Bread Shelf Life Solutions

Our products offer extended shelf lives. That’s great for the consumer, and it’s ideal for your business. Cut down on waste and worry less about the shelf life dates of our products. Stock them with fewer worries, but know that because of the longer shelf life, customers will be eager to snag our mouthwatering products, so you can still expect necessary restocks.

We see our shelf life solutions as a vital component of our quality products, and we pass on the benefits of an extended shelf life to you. Customers appreciate when stores create less food waste, and they value creating less food waste at home, as well. They’ll see you stocking bread that lasts, and understand what that shows about your business and means for their households.

When you partner with us, you’ll experience many benefits of extended shelf life solutions, including:

  • Improved delivery: Our end-to-end logistics team makes delivery easy, and the incredible shelf life of Baker’s Choice products makes it even better. When you order from us, you’ll be confident that your order will arrive when you need it thanks to our specialized planning and order tracking capabilities. With longer-lasting products, you can worry less about delivery speed and frequency and focus on getting the quantity you need to stock your shelves. 
  • Reduced shrink: Because Baker’s Choice products are guaranteed for longer shelf life, you can reduce shrink every quarter. Our bread and rolls last longer without going bad, so you can sell what you buy long before it loses its appeal. 
  • Increased sales: Partnering with Baker’s Choice can help drive sales in various ways. Since these products have an enhanced shelf life, you can sell more of what you buy without throwing out waste. Better shelf life also means increased facings, allowing your business to optimally display items and attract buyers. When products sell fast and last long, you’ll make the most of your purchase by reducing markdowns. As a result, you get the maximum value from each unit.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Happy customers are the key to increased sales. With long-lasting bread and rolls, your shelves will always be full and your customers can find what they need fast, building their trust in your store. Better facings pull customers in, and our high-quality products keep them coming back time and again.

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Zero Complexity Store Execution

Optimize your retail operations with help from our zero complexity store execution. While store execution can be a complicated process, we’ll help make it easier, especially with merchandising. Displaying Baker’s Choice bread in your store will be as simple as partnering with us to supply your customers with a delicious product. We can also provide in-store training to help your team boost sales through attractive displays and informative customer interactions.

With perfect store execution, you create a better shopping experience. We’ll help ensure that your products stand out to customers and your team has the information they need to drive sales. As customers select Baker’s Choice products, they’ll turn into loyal shoppers, returning to your store for our brand and other goods you offer.

Real Quality, Real Value

It’s our goal to offer real quality and real value to our partners so they can pass that on to their shoppers. A great relationship between a company and its customers is what makes a successful business, and high-quality products allow that relationship to thrive. You know your market, and we have the products to satisfy its needs.

Create loyal customers who keep coming back for Baker’s Choice bread and our other delicious products. Shoppers appreciate our quality goods, attention to detail and value, so they’re sure to pick us from the shelves. Stock our combination of quality and value to reflect our high standards in your store and impress your customers.

choose Baker's Choice bread for exceptional quality and value

Choose Baker’s Choice Bread for Exceptional Quality and Value

If your mouth is watering and you’re ready to bring Baker’s Choice home or to your shelves, we’re happy to help. Partner with us to create loyal customers or get Baker’s Choice bread to accompany your every meal. Either way, you know we’ll provide quality and value.

Look for Baker’s Choice bread in a store near you. If you want to offer our delicious products in your store, fill out the form on this page to partner with us today.

Simplicity Driven

  • Rapid End To End Logistics
  • Shelf Life Solutions
  • Zero Complexity Store Execution
  • Real Quality, Real Value

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