Products Available for Independent Operator Routes

At Gold Medal Bakery, we have independent operator route systems available in the New Jersey and metro New York areas. We make numerous products available to our independent operators, from breads and rolls to bagels and more.

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Sliced Breads

Our sliced bread products include:

  • White: Stuffing, sandwich, giant and value packs available
  • Variety: Wheat, multigrain, premium, Italian and more
  • Breakfast: Raisin, lite raisin and cinnamon
  • Premium: Country white, stone ground, 12 grain and oatmeal
  • Natural: Whole wheat, multigrain, flax & grain, oatmeal, 9 grain, oat/honey and white

English Muffins

Our English muffin varieties include:

  • Cinnamon raisin
  • Lite cinnamon raisin
  • Premium
  • Multigrain
  • Honey wheat

Our premium English muffins are also available in the fork-split variety.


We offer a wide range of roll selections, including:

  • White and wheat: Hot dog and hamburger rolls with lite options also available
  • Premium: Country white, 100% wheat and 12 grain
  • Brown & serve: 8- and 16-packs of brown and serve rolls


For bagel options, we offer the following varieties in 22 oz. packages:

  • Wheat
  • Plain
  • Raisin
  • Everything
  • Sesame
  • Onion
  • Mini

Licensed Brands

Our licensed brands products include:

  • Panera at Home: Bread varieties including Multigrain, 100% Whole Wheat, Baker’s Oats, Baker’s Grains, Country White, Honey Wheat and Ancient Grains
  • Kayem: Hot dog and hamburger rolls
  • Fiber One: Breads, English muffins, wraps and sandwich thin options available
  • Holsum: Breads and rolls available

View Bread Routes

To find a bread route near you, visit our bread routes page for more details and available routes. Our route areas include the metro New York area as well as PA, CT, MA and NJ.