Bread Basics

When Was Sliced Bread Invented?

At some point, you may have heard the saying, “the best thing since sliced bread,” which begs a few questions, like “When was sliced bread made?” and “Who invented sliced bread?” Simply put, sliced bread was invented on July 7th, 1928. The history of sliced bread is marked by innovation, a factory fire, wary consumers, […]

Health Benefits of Bread

Nearly 200 million Americans used one package of bread a week on average in 2020. With so many households using bread products as a staple for their meals throughout the day, the nutritional value of bread comes into question. If you or your family are eating bread every day or even on rare occasions, you should know whether it’s […]

Multigrain vs. Whole Grain Bread vs. Whole Wheat

Multigrain vs. Whole Grain Bread vs. Whole Wheat Does a trip to the bread aisle make you feel overwhelmed by options? You might find dozens of different bread types in a grocery store, from multigrain loaves to whole wheat muffins. If you’re trying to choose a delicious and satisfying bread, it can be confusing with so many […]