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Panera Sliced Breads

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Panera Bread® offers a full range of sliced breads from smooth textured family style favorites to more grainy varieties for whole grain fans.  All of our wholesome, great-tasting breads are crafted with care and baked with only clean high-quality ingredients – that means they have no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors or colors.  And each of our Whole Grain breads is made with 50% of more whole grain flour and endorsed by the Whole Grains Council. Learn how to prepare food with Panera® Sliced Breads with meal ideas & recipes.


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Kayem Premium Buns

kayem bread logoIt takes premium ingredients and a baker’s touch to make a bun that does more than just complement the meat. Baked golden brown and sturdy to hold up to the most savory meats.  Kayem® Buns were crafted by 4th generation bakers and 4th generation butchers; from our families to yours.


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