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    Breads are a staple on the supermarket shelves. As a commercial specialty breads distributor as well as a private label bread distributor, we offer all the most popular bread types, including:

  • White breads: Traditional white bread available in 16 and 20 oz. packages, sandwich bread in 20 and 24 oz. packages, 16 oz. stuffing bread packages, 24 oz. giant bread packages and 48 oz. value packages.
  • Natural breads: 24 oz. packages of whole wheat, multi-grain, flax & grain, oatmeal, 9 grain, oat/honey and white available.
  • Breakfast breads: 16 oz. packages of raisin bread and lite raisin bread available as well as 24 oz. packages of maple cinnamon bread.
  • Premium breads: 24 oz. packages of country white, 100% stone ground wheat and oatmeal available.


As a private label roll producer and supplier, Gold Medal Bakery has several varieties of rolls to choose from, including:

English Muffins

Gold Medal Bakery is also an English muffins producer. Our English muffin selection includes:

Specialty Breads & Rolls

For commercial specialty breads for in-store bakeries and delis, Gold Medal Bakery has the products you need. Our specialty breads include:

  • Split-top hot dog and hamburger rolls: Available in 8-packs.
  • Finger rolls: Available in 16-packs.
  • Snowflake rolls: Available in 18 oz. packages.
  • Cracked wheat bread: Available in 19 oz. packages, split-top variety.
  • Home style white bread: 19 oz. packages available.
  • Dinner rolls: Golden, wheat and potato varieties, available in 18 oz. packages; golden dinner rolls available in 16 oz. packages.
  • Premium English muffins: 6 packs
  • Premium rolls: Available in 4-packs of country white and stone ground wheat varieties.


Gold Medal Bakery partners with a vendor to manufacture quality bagel varieties. We offer private labeling services and distribution of the following bagels:


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Our Bread Products

At Gold Medal Bakery, we have been producing the highest quality fresh breads for more than 100 years. If you need a private label bread distributor or bread co-packer, we have the products and services you need. We offer a wide variety of bread products, including breads, rolls, English muffins, specialty breads and bagels.

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If you’re interested in partnering with us as your organic bread supplier, private label bread distributor and bread co-packer — or if you have any questions — fill out our contact form, and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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