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Sliced Breads

At Gold Medal Bakery, we know that bread is a supermarket staple. And when it comes to store brands, customers buy more store-brand bread than any other store-brand option. That’s why we offer high-quality, private label natural bread and bread co-packing services — so that you can increase your profits. 

Gold Medal Bakery bread comes in many varieties, including white breads, breakfast breads, premium breads and natural breads. It’s also available in different packaging sizes, lite options and delicious flavors that your customers are sure to love.

White Breads

White bread is a classic American favorite. At Gold Medal Bakery, we offer many varieties for all tastes and occasions. Our white breads include:

  • White, 16 oz., 20 oz. and 22 oz.
  • Premium White, 16 oz. and 24 oz.
  • Sandwich, 20 and 24 oz.
  • Country White, 16 oz.
  • Restaurant White, 28 oz.
  • Club White, 28 oz.
  • Texas Toast, 24 oz.
  • Split Top, 20 oz.
  • Canadian White, 24 oz.
  • Natural White, 24 oz.
  • Organic White, 20 oz.

We use only the best ingredients to create our white bread for fresh, delicious selections.

Wheat Breads

Crafted with whole grain flour, Gold Medal Bakery’s wheat breads are a great source of fiber and delicious. Our wheat bread varieties include:

  • 100% Whole Wheat, 16 oz.
  • Honey Wheat, 20 oz.
  • Restaurant Wheat, 24 oz.
  • Club Wheat, 28 oz.
  • Stoneground Wheat, 16 oz.
  • Sandwich Wheat, 24 oz.
  • Split Top Wheat, 20 oz.
  • No Salt Added Wheat, 20 oz.
  • Light Wheat, 16 oz.
  • Premium Wheat, 24 oz.
  • Natural Wheat, 24 oz.

Natural Breads

For natural, organic private label bread, Gold Medal Bakery has what you need. We’re committed to natural, high-quality ingredients, making us an ideal choice for an organic bread co-packer. Our natural bread options include:

  • Natural Multigrain, 24 oz.
  • Natural Flax and Grain, 24 oz.
  • Organic Whole Wheat, 20 oz.
  • Organic Whole Grain Multigrain, 20 oz.

As shoppers become increasingly health-conscious, seeking out all-natural and organic options, Gold Medal Bakery natural breads can provide the wholesome options you need for your in-store bakery shelves.

Variety Breads 

Our variety breads are a special treat on the bread shelves, with sweet options to create the perfect breakfast or snack. Our variety breads include:

  • Raisin bread, 16 oz.
  • French toast bread, 16 oz.
  • Stuffing bread, 16 oz.
  • Maple cinnamon bread, 24 oz.
  • Seeded Italian, 16 oz.
  • Light Italian, 16 oz.
  • Premium Oatmeal, 24 oz.
  • Premium Multigrain, 24 oz.

When it comes to breads of a slightly sweeter variety, these variety breads are an ideal choice for in-store bakeries and delis alike.

Non-GMO & Organic Breads

Gold Medal Bakery also has a variety of non-GMO and organic bread varieties, including:

  • Non-GMO touch o’ honey oat, 24 oz.
  • Non-GMO 8 grain, 24 oz.
  • Non-GMO early bird multi-Seed, 24 oz.
  • Organic sourdough, 18 oz.
  • Organic ancient grain, 20 oz.
  • Non-GMO raisin bread, 16 oz.

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