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If you’re looking for a rolls co-packing distributor or a private label rolls distributor, Gold Medal Bakery has the products and services you need. We know the importance of roll season for your business, as these products can contribute nearly 50% to the total sales of your supermarket’s bakery department. To make the most of roll season, we train our customers on the proper procedures for ordering and maintaining fresh roll stock throughout spring and summer. We also offer a generous adjustment schedule to help you maintain your inventory.

Our state-of-the-art computerized ordering system along with our quick response to changing weather patterns ensures maximum profits for your bakery department. We offer several different roll varieties baked fresh with high-quality ingredients.

Hamburger Rolls

No summer picnic or barbecue is complete without hamburgers off of the grill, and every hamburger needs the perfect hamburger roll. Gold Medal Bakery hamburger rolls come in wheat and white options and are traditionally sized. For a calorie-conscious option, we also have a lite variety available.

Our hamburger roll packages come in convenient 8- and 12-pack sizes that fit nicely on supermarket shelves. Our private label hamburger buns are low in fat and have 4 grams of protein per serving.

Hot Dog Rolls

Hot dogs are a classic American favorite for the spring and summer months. At Gold Medal Bakery, we produce high-quality hot dog rolls for the quintessential hot dog experience. Whether you like a loaded hot dog or just a little ketchup, our hot dog rolls are ideal for keeping it all together.

Gold Medal Bakery hot dog rolls come in wheat and white varieties with lite options available as well. We have 6-, 8- and 12-pack packages, and our 12-packs come in Coney style and New England style top open. Our private label hot dog rolls are low in fat and have 4 grams of protein per serving.

Premium Rolls

Gold Medal Bakery also offers several premium roll options. When you’re looking for something different than the usual wheat or white roll, we have what you need. Available in 4-inch size and 4-pack or 8-pack packaging, we have country white rolls, 100% whole wheat rolls, premium potato rolls and premium seeded rolls. These are excellent healthy options made with natural ingredients for a delicious and wholesome taste. With 7 grams of protein per serving, they also have the nutritious value customers are looking for.

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