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Wheat Bread

At Gold Medal Bakery, we bake whole wheat bread with whole grain flour, making it an excellent source of fiber and a delicious taste that your shoppers will love. Customers trust your store-brand bread. For this reason, we offer top-quality sliced private label bread and co-packing services to help you boost your profits. 

About Gold Medal Bakery Wheat Bread

Gold Medal Bakery has over 100 years of industry experience. Since the start, we have focused on serving our customers through high-quality products and services.

Trust us as your go-to private label bread producer and bread co-packer. You will receive quality products, and we’ll help solve your distribution problems. 

It’s our commitment to go the extra mile, and our dedicated sales team is ready to help you with merchandising products. Working with us is straightforward — use our online Order Management Tool to order quickly, easily and directly from us. 

Gold Medal Bakery Wheat Bread

Gold Medal Bakery offers various wheat bread options with different tastes and textures your customers will appreciate.

Premium Wheat Bread

This freshly baked, wholesale, quality wheat bread is milled from whole wheat grains and is perfect for hearty sandwiches and toast. 

Split Top Wheat Bread

Split top wheat bread has all the goodness and fiber of wheat bread, with a divided crust giving it a home-baked appearance. 

Sandwich Wheat Bread

This 100% whole wheat bread is moist, tender and high rising, making sandwich wheat bread a flavorsome toasting bread that your customers will love. 

Restaurant Wheat Bread

Restaurant wheat bread offers all the fiber, goodness, vitamins, and delicious taste patrons enjoy when eating sliced bread. 

Honey Wheat Bread 

Honey wheat bread made from wheat bran and sweetened with honey is naturally soft, light and satisfying. The shape and appearance give it a homemade and ever-so-slight rustic appearance.

Stone Ground Wheat Bread

Stone ground wheat bread uses the traditional process of using millstones to grind the whole grain flavor. The result is an earthy bread packed with complex carbohydrates and fiber.

100% Whole Wheat Bread

Our 100% whole wheat bread is made from the entire grain kernel, offering bread rich in fiber, protein and vitamins. The high nutritional value makes it a popular choice among shoppers. 

Benefits of Working With Gold Medal Bakery for Wheat Bread

Gold Medal Bakery offers superb quality and the freshest bread products. We have a dedicated team working with clients 24/7. Customers value us for our:

  • Dedicated sales team: Our team frequently visits stores and reviews orders with the bread clerk and store personnel. 
  • Streamlined ordering: The online Order Management Tool allows stores to order directly from us, saving time and money.
  • Simplified distribution: Gold Medal Bakery’s delivery systems solve any distribution problems you may be experiencing.
  • Variety of products: We offer various high-quality wheat bread products, ensuring you always keep up with demand.
  • Nut-free products: Gold Medal Bakery is a nut-free facility, giving you peace of mind that no cross-contamination can occur. 
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We’re here for you if you need privately labeled wheat bread, wheat bread for co-packing or if you have any questions. Our years of experience, innovative processes and commitment to excellent products and services can boost your profit margins. If you’re interested in partnering with us, contact us

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